For Rent

Opening Hours
Tuesday - Friday: (Reservations Only)
Saturday: 9am - 6pm
Sunday: 1pm - 6pm

We have Tuesday through Friday available for private groups of 10 or more players. If you have a company event, birthday party, church group, organization or even just a bunch of friends that want to have the park to themselves. We can make that happen. We do require reservations for those days and we have special pricing available for large groups.

Call Justin: (469) 552-9348

        For Purchase 

~T-shirt 13.99$

~Sweater 24.99$

~New mask 23$

~New Barrel cover 7$ 

~Co2 tank 10$ ea.

~Compressed air tank 45$

~C02 refill 9-12oz 4$; 20-24oz 5$

~Compressed air refill 4$ for any size

~Private Party Zone 30$ for 4hrs

~Private refferee 25$ for 4hrs

~BT-5 Grenades 1 for $7 or 2 for $13

~Enola Gaye Smoke Grenade 1 for $9    or 2 for $16



*On average a person will shoot 400-500 paintballs in 3-4 hours. 

Paintballs  (.68 & .50)

200-9$+tax          *1/2 players

500-$22+tax        *1 player

1000-$38+tax        *2 players

2000-$65+tax        *4-5 players



Note: All prices do not include tax