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In 2015 Madddogz moved from its old location off of Hwy 77 to its now home less then 4 miles away. The new facility is 30 acres compared to the 5 acres at the old location. This has allowed for more innovative ideas ranging from hosting tournaments to holding scenarios and special events. This has allowed for the creation of Paintball Fit and their re-ball and training center. With the open air check in process and redesigned set up the check in process in quieter and more efficient. 


Madddogz now is home to both a firework stand and a snow cone. The fireworks are priced competitively allowing you to get more variety and quality fireworks at a bargain. 

Tournament Fields

Since the beginning of 2017 Madddogz has been hosting tournaments alongside of Paintball Fit. It has become a destination with 4 operational turf tournament fields. The tournament facilities are some of the best in the business. 

Worldz at War

In October of 2017 Madddogz hosted its first special-holiday event. This alien invasion events creates a world of army gunships traveling through Alien territory and an expedition on foot through a maze of alien enemies. Glowing alien fall as glowing paintballs hit their targets. 

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