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Got Questions?
(you're in luck... we've got answers)

Do I Need to Bring My Own Gear/Paint?
We offer all of the essential equipment you need to have a fantastic time playing! We offer rentals on guns, hoppers, all the needed safety equipment, and compressed air/CO2.

All paint shot at our fields MUST be purchased from us.

What Should I Wear?
We recommend wearing long sleeve shirts and pants, and shoes that can get muddy.

Does it Hurt?
Paintballing does sting, and can leave slight bruises. However, wearing long sleeve clothing helps to protect you from this. We also rent out additional safety gear to further minimize stinging. Our refs ensure that every player stays safe and has fun while on the field!


Is There an Age Limit?
Players must be 8 years old or older. We rent special guns (at the same price as standard guns) called "Splat Masters" that shoot at a lower velocity and use smaller paintballs.  Players can opt to use Splat Masters upon request.


What if the Weather is Bad?
We are open rain or shine!

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