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Rules at the Park

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Rule 2

Rule 3

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Rule 7

MADDDOGZ maintains the right to refuse participation to any person(s) considered a possible safety risk to themselves or others, or for any other reason deemed applicable.



FIELD PAINT ONLY in rental and personal guns! All paintballs must be purchased directly from Madddogz Paintball Park, NO EXCEPTIONS!


Barrel Plugs required on all guns in parking area, even guns with no CO2 and no paintballs.


All personal paint guns must be chronographed before play can begin. Velocity limit: 285fps.


Goggles must be WORN OVER EYES at all times on playing fields, in neutral zones, and at target range. Goggles with face shields required by all participants during a game.


Absolutely no gun firing, even “just air” in staging area.


Do not pick up paintballs. This causes the guns to malfunction. Not only do the guns malfunction by clogging but they also become inaccurate. For the most enjoyable experience do not pick up paintballs off the ground. 

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